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Nonprofit Spotlight

The Dream Queen Foundation

Connecting positive, passionate, purpose-filled women and teens to each other




The Dream Queen Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to fight bullying and encourage mental wellness. The organization also aims to increase the confidence of teen girls (she/her, they/them) through their mentor training program, Gals Lead.

dqf1.jpgThe Foundation currently operates at Chopticon High School, Leonardtown High School, and Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County. It also operates at Westlake High School in Charles County. The organization is seeking to expand into more regions within the Southern Maryland community. For this reason, they need donors and volunteers to help spread the word.

The Gals Lead program teaches teen girls about the role and responsibility of leadership. It also helps them develop a lifelong passion for learning. The program’s curriculum is based on the Four Pillars of Success: Know Yourself, Dream Big, Overcome Obstacles, and Take Action. Through the curriculum, students engage in meaningful conversations, create deeper connections with others, and determine the careers they wish to pursue.

"If you need some motivation and some inspiration, Gals Lead is great for that. Before attending, I thought it was going to be boring. After the two days, I feel like I won't let anything get in the way of my goals. I was definitely inspired." -- Gillian B.

dqf2.jpgGals Lead also acts as a safe space for teen girls. This way, they can feel supported and have a sense of belonging while learning about themselves. Highlights of the program include personality and strengths assessments, vision boards, sister circle sharing sessions, and guest speakers.

"I love how I left this program feeling better about myself and feeling more confident. Before this program, I was feeling like I couldn't do much. Now I feel like a leader, more confident, and more encouraged."  --Samantha W.

The Dream Queen Foundation has helped hundreds of teen girls fight bullying through understanding their individual identity. By the time a student graduates from the program, they will have built up the confidence needed to define themselves and overcome bullying. They will also have the tools necessary for maintaining their mental wellness.

The Foundation also assists new clubs with the following: finding a place to meet; gathering materials for projects; creating social media posts; creating flyers; and putting together a print and online curriculum. All new mentors are trained through the Foundation’s certified facilitator training program and receive hands-on aid during mentors’ first few weeks of helping a new club. The hands-on aid includes online forum follow-ups throughout the month and a mandatory monthly Zoom meeting. The Foundation’s facilitator coach is a licensed master social worker who assists our mentors by engaging with them.

dqf3.jpgThe most notable changes in club participants include decreased absences and referrals, as well as improved grades and confidence. The most profound data gathered involves their confidence ratings and qualitative responses to open-ended questions; facilitators have seen an 80% increase in the confidence of their club members.

The Foundation is seeking mentors, sponsors, donors, and volunteers to assist in continuing its expansion. For more information, contact Executive Director Maryanna Lanham, visit the Dream Queen Foundation website, and follow the organization on Facebook.


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