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Purdue University Global understands that adult learners approach learning differently than traditional college-aged students. That's why we're proud to deliver a fully personalized, world-class education online that's tailored for working adults.  
Articulated Program Requirements:
  • To qualify for the General Articulation Agreement, CSM students must:
    • Graduate from CSM with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree.
    • Possess a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) and meet all other eligibility requirements.
    • Apply for admission to Purdue Global.
    • Credits earned through any combination of external credit will not exceed 75% of total credits for undergraduate programs. 
  • To qualify for the Early Childhood Administration Articulated Program Map, CSM students must:
    • Complete the Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Development.
    • Students have the option of taking ENG-1020: Composition and Literature, before they transfer to Purdue University Global to count towards the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Administration program. 
Articulated Program Benefits:
  • CSM graduates and employees will receive a 20% discount on Purdue Global undergraduate programs and a 14% discount on Purdue Global graduate programs. 
  • CSM graduates who meet the requirements outlined under the General Articulation Agreement above will be guaranteed admission.

View our General Admissions Agreement

View our Early Childhood Administration Articulated Program Map

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