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Articulated Program Requirements:

  • To qualify for the Dual Admission Program, CSM students must:
    • Complete the non-binding, "Dual Admission Intent to Enroll" form any time after admission to CSM and before attaining more than 30 college credits at CSM or another college or university. 
      • Any credits counted towards an associate degree after an "academic restart" process, will be included in the 30-credit eligibility total.
    • Earn a high school diploma or its equivalent prior to signing a "Dual Admission Intent to Enroll" form.
    • Graduate from CSM with an associate degree designed for transfer (A.A., A.S., A.A.T, or A.S.E.) and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.30.
    • Enroll at Temple within one year of CSM graduation.
    • Do not attend another institution between the time they graduate from CSM and enroll at Temple.
    • Apply by the appropriate deadlines as determined by Temple.
    • Complete other admissions requirements, including possible criminal and disciplinary screenings, as determined by and to the satisfaction of Temple in its sole discretion. 
    • Students who have previously been matriculated to Temple University are not eligible for the Dual Admission program.
  • To qualify for the Mechanical Engineering Articulation Agreement, CSM students must:
    • Graduate from CSM with an Associate of Science in Engineering
    • Complete coursework with a grade of C or higher. 

Articulated Program Benefits:

  • For the Dual Admission Program:
    • Application fee waiver.
    • Academic scholarships based on full-time enrollment (enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester):
      • Students with a 3.30-3.64 final CSM GPA will receive $1000 per year (up to $3000 total).
      • Students with a 3.65-4.0 final CSM GPA will receive $2000 per year (up to $6000 total).
    • Academic scholarships based on part time enrollment (enrolled in 6-11 credits per semester)
      • Students with a 3.30-3.64 final CSM GPA will receive $500 per year (up to $1500 total).
      • Students with a 3.65-4.0 final CSM GPA will receive $1000 per year (up to $3000 total).
    • All scholarships may be renewed each year for up to three years, contingent upon the students maintaining a 3.0 cumulative Temple GPA and continuous enrollment. This scholarship is separate from the New Student Transfer scholarship that may be awarded to qualified transfer students. Qualified transfer students may be eligible for both scholarships. 
    • Guaranteed admission as long as students satisfy the conditions set forth in the agreement, meet application deadlines and satisfy all other regular admissions requirements as determined by Temple. Students must select a specific School or College major (not Undeclared). Admission into some competitive Temple undergraduate majors (e.g., art, architecture, music, dance, nursing, and health information management) is not guaranteed and depends on specific School/College requirements that are not affected by this agreement. CSM students who complete a "Dual Admission Intent to Enroll" form will be governed by the Temple degree requirements in effect at the time of their Temple matriculation. 
  • For the Mechanical Engineering Articulation Agreement:
    • Once students transfer to Temple University, they shall be able to complete the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering within four (4) regular semesters of full-time enrollment, assuming that no remedial or repeated courses are needed, that the recommended courses are successfully completed, and all applicable Temple grade and other requirements are met to the satisfaction of Temple.

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