York College of Pennsylvania

York College prepares its graduates for productive and purposeful lives. As a diverse community of educators and learners, we provide a high-quality, private education that emphasizes personal development, close faculty/student mentoring relationships, and real-world experiences. We partner with our community for the benefit of both our students and the broader region. We strive to make this world-class, private education financially accessible.
  • For the Guaranteed Admission Agreement, CSM students must:
    • Guaranteed admissions for CSM students who have earned any CSM Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Science in Engineering, or Associate of Applied Science degree. 
    • Submit the YCP Application for Admission at least six months prior to the start of the semester they wish to transfer to York College of Pennsylvania.
    • Satisfy all other YCP admissions requirements.
    • Graduate from CSM with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
    • Enroll in YCP within one year of graduating from CSM without attending another institution of higher education. 
  • For the Nursing Agreement, CSM students must:
    • Graduate from CSM with the Associate of Science in Nursing.
    • Hold an active RN license.
  • For the Guaranteed Admission Agreement:
    • Guaranteed admission is also available for part-time students. 
  • For the Nursing Agreement:
    • Students pay a rate of $9,900 for the 10 core nursing (a rate of $330/credit hour)
    • The preferred tuition rate will also be extended to family members of those graduates who hold a valid nursing license and are admitted tot he RN to BSN program.

view our guaranteed admission agreement

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