Transfer Evaluation System

Transfer Evaluation System

The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is an interactive tool that will allow you to compare course descriptions and view classes that have been previously evaluated by our academic departments. 

We transfer many courses that are not yet listed in TES. If you cannot find a course, it just means we have not evaluated it yet. If you want to see how a course will transfer into CSM that is not currently listed in TES, please submit a syllabus to


How to use TES

  1. Visit the TES website (opens in new window).
  2. Select your school from the alphabetical list or use the search field to locate your school.
  3. Click on the school name to see a list of courses.
  4. Find your course name in the left column. The right column will tell you the CSM equivalent.
  5. Select “View” next to the course for additional notes about the transfer course.

Transfer Evaluation System

Transfer Equivalencies Explained

Courses from other academic institutions may be determined to be:

  1. Equivalent - This course is the same as that offered at the College of Southern Maryland and fulfills the same major and/or general education requirement(s). For example, EGL-1010 from Prince George's Community College is EQUIVALENT to ENG-1010 at the College of Southern Maryland. That means any area that requires ENG-1010 at the College of Southern Maryland can be fulfilled once the student has their transcript evaluated and receives transfer credit for that EGL-1010 from Prince George's Community College.
  2. General Education Elective (example: ENG-GENR) - This course has not been determined to be equivalent to any courses offered at the College of Southern Maryland; however, it can be used to fulfill an open general education requirement within appropriate degree programs. For example, a student who is granted transfer credit for ENG-GENR can use that course to fulfill a "Humanities" requirement within a degree/certificate program. However, ENG-GENR could NOT be used to fulfill a Communications requirement.
  3. Elective (example: ENG-1999) - This course has no equivalent at the College of Southern Maryland and does not fit into any academic department. The credits may be used towards open Elective requirements within appropriate degree programs. For example, ENG-1999 could be used towards the Elective requirements within the Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences. 

If a course is not listed in the Transfer Evaluation System, linked above, please submit a syllabus to to have the course evaluated to determine an appropriate equivalency. 

Creating an Equivalency List in TES

  1. Select the College/University where you took courses.
  2. Locate your course in the left-hand column and check the box next to it on the right-hand side.
  3. Select "My List Add." A separate window will open to display the courses selected and the equivalency. You can add multiple institutions to your "My Equivalency List."
  4. Email or print the evaluation for your records.
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