Clarifying the Paths

"Jumping right back into school I had no idea what I was doing and the Pathway to Success Program honestly helped me pic the right classes out, make sure I was on track with my credits, and helped me feel more at ease with the process." - Participant

What we’ve achieved:

  • We identified a cohort of 80 students in our ATD initiative. These students were provided with laptops, required books, and paid tuition. We are looking into the data and feedback to determine ways to remove obstacles for students. 
  • We learned from our ATD initiative that student onboarding is critical to the successful enrollment transition for our students. Hawk Hubs were designed and introduced on all three campuses to support new and incoming students, as well as provide a central location for students to receive support and referral.  
  • Hawk Hubs have replaced the former “Welcome Centers” to provide immediate assistance to students for general college navigation and to triage students requesting to meet with academic advisors with 50-60% of calls being handled directly without having to be passed off to advisors.
  • To further “Clarify the Path” for students, Pathway 101 sessions were created and offered to provide them with a better understanding of the CSM Pathways, registration tips, and transfer information to assist with spring registration.  This event serves as an introduction and will tie into the spring events of “Pathway Nights,” which is a more comprehensive presentation of each Pathway.
  • In year 4, the focus will be on clarifying the path from initial engagement to registration. We want to ensure Hawk Hub complements the Admission's onboarding process, move Advising and Career Services into the Pathway Advising structure, and create a Pathway Faculty structure. 

Pilot Group Data

Credit Students​

  • 75% retention for spring for the group (full-time and part-time)​
  • Students preferred part-time and completed the classes at a higher rate​
    • 32% dropped to part-time status in the spring semester​
    • Students attempting 6-11 credits in the spring semester increased by 25.7%
  • Taking into consideration the grades of “Pass” and an “F” for Developmental Classes are not factored in, the trend for GPA improved in the spring semester. ​
    • 11% increase for students achieving a 3.0 or higher in the spring semester​

Continuing Education Students​

  • 42% of students completed their program
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