Emergency Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

An involuntary withdrawal may qualify a student for a partial refund or credit of tuition and course fees after the normal refund deadline. In order to be eligible for a refund or tuition credit, the student, or next of kin, must submit an appeal form and appropriate substantiating documentation to support such a withdrawal request prior to the end of the course. (All fees must be paid prior to receiving a refund or tuition credit). A withdrawal is considered involuntary if it results from one of the reasons described below:

  1. Student must have entered active duty involuntarily, or have been transferred involuntarily.
  2. Student must provide a copy of military orders signed by the individual’s commanding officer or other appropriate official.
  3. Be a dependent of a military person who has been transferred involuntarily.

  1. Student must have certification from a physician stating that the student’s medical condition required hospitalization for 72 hours or longer, and/or that the medical condition requires the student’s withdrawal.
  2. Required certification:
    1. must be an original letter on official letterhead (no photocopies), and
    2. must specifically state that the student’s medical condition required hospitalization for 72 hours or longer, and that the medical condition requires the student’s withdrawal from class, and
    3. must give the date on which the hospitalization began.

  1. Withdrawal is considered involuntary if the death of the student or immediate family member of the student has occurred. Immediate family members include the following: spouse, parent, child, sister, or brother.
  2. Appropriate required documentation:
    1. an official death certificate, or
    2. a copy of a newspaper obituary notice, and
    3. a letter from a physician (or other appropriate medical professional) verifying the student’s relationship to the deceased. (If relationship is not evident, additional documentation may be required.)


Students requesting an involuntary withdrawal must complete the appeal form and submit it to the Student Appeals Committee via e-mail (appeals@csmd.edu), via mail: CSM Student Appeals Committee, PO Box 910, La Plata MD 20646, or by dropping it off in person at a CSM campus. The form must explain in detail the nature of the appeal and any specific circumstances (e.g., illness, death in the family, military transfer, etc.) that may support the appeal.

The following is the procedure for appeals for other than military duty, hospitalization, or death:

  1. The appeal form must explain in detail the nature of the request, list any specific circumstances that may support the request, and provide available documentation.
  2. If the request involves academic concerns, the letter is forwarded to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Associate Vice President of Continuing Education for investigation.
  3. If the request involves situations other than academic concerns, the Student Appeals Committee will review the appeal. If the committee determines that a refund is justified, then it may authorize, as appropriate a partial or full refund. The Student Appeals Committee will notify the student of the decision via e-mail.
  4. A student may appeal the decision of the committee, in writing, to the Vice President of Student Equity and Success. The student’s letter must explain the nature of the appeal and include any supporting evidence. The appeal must be initiated within 14 calendar days of notification to the student.
  5. A written response shall be given to the student within 3-4 weeks. The decision of the Vice president of Student Equity and Success is final.
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