Facility Usage

  1. The scheduling of space for credit and continuing education classes and regularly scheduled college events receive first priority on any CSM campus Facilities will not be scheduled more than six (6) months in advance except for recognized annual events with the exception of the La Plata Campus, Center for Business and Industry (BI) building.
  2. Assemblies or other activities, which in the judgment of the President will present a clear and present danger to members of the college community, campus visitors, college property, or may reasonably disrupt the orderly conduct of the affairs of the college, may not be scheduled.
  3. Requests for college facilities and spaces from outside organizations and businesses are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. The college reserves the right to choose facilities and relocate events as needed.
  4. All set ups and required support services must be communicated at least 15 business days prior to the meeting or event. All modifications or additions to set ups must be requested 3 business days in advance. The college reserves the right to refuse changes if not requested within the required timeframe.
  5. The room rental fees must be received in full at the time of the submission of the fully executed CSM Facility Use Contract. All other fees will be invoiced at the conclusion of the event.
  6. CSM will require an acceptable bond and/or certificate of insurance indemnifying the college against loss or damage in the amount of $2,000,000 Aggregate, $ 1,000,000 each occurrence.
  7. To cancel a meeting, program, and/or activity, the scheduling office at the La Plata Campus or scheduler of any other campus or location must receive written notification a minimum of 15 working days prior to the event. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of room rental fees.
  8. The College of Southern Maryland reserves the right to limit or refuse scheduling facilities for: a. Outside organizations and/or businesses requesting space on a continuing basis (e.g. every Saturday morning) for longer than 1 month. b. Organizations or businesses that have not complied with the Facility Use Policy in the past. c. Any meeting, event, and/or activity when the completed contract package and payment which includes the Event Summary Form and the required insurance certificate has not been received by the due date. d. Any meeting, event, and/or activity when the college is closed. e. Any meeting, event, and/or activity that presents a conflict of interest to the mission, programs, or services of the college. f. Misrepresentation of the group or misinformation provided to the college by the group. g. Previous non- payment for services rendered. h. Request is outside of regular business hours
  9. Any meeting, event, and/or activity is automatically cancelled when the college closes due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions. Every effort will be made to reschedule the event or issue a full refund within 30 days.
  10. Requests to use the following facilities should be made a minimum of four (4) weeks in advance of the event to ensure that adequate support services can be provided: La Plata Campus: Center for Business and Industry (BI) building; Fine Arts Center (FA) building, Theater; Physical Education Center (PE) building Leonardtown Campus: Building A, Auditorium - Room 206 Prince Frederick Campus: Activity Room PFA119, Multi- purpose rooms, PFB 103, 104, 105
  11. Events that are scheduled in any specialized area will require approval by the building or lab coordinator responsible for those areas prior to confirmation of a request. Fees may be charged if additional college personnel are required to work the event. Specialized spaces are identified on the Room Fee Schedule.
  12. The applicant will name a Group Representative who will be the individual present during the scheduled event and who is authorized to make decisions during the event. The applicant will provide all information required on the CSM Facility Use Contract.
  13. Outside organizations, businesses or individuals may reserve space, when available, in the Campus Center (CC) lobby for the La Plata Campus and the Student Lounge or lobbies at other campuses, to present information regarding products, services, or events. Vendors may neither enter into contracts on campus, nor distribute any contracts or applications (other than applications for employment or admissions applications into an educational institution) on campus.
  14. CSM is to be referenced only as the location of an event when advertising to the public and not as an endorsement of the event. Outside organizations, businesses, or individuals may not schedule parties, celebrations, or activities that are essentially social or personal in nature.
  15. Fundraising events by outside organizations are prohibited. Fundraising events by employees or student clubs must get approval through the completion of the Sales, Solicitation and Fundraising Form.
  16. Financial transactions are not permitted without prior approval from the following: La Plata Campus – Vice President of Advancement Leonardtown Campus - Vice President Prince Frederick Campus – Vice President
  17. Outside organizations requesting to hold training at any campus must be done in conjunction with the Corporate Center or be approved by the campus Vice President and determined to be beneficial to the college.
  18. La Plata Campus: CATERING – Outside organizations or businesses must use the college's exclusive food services provider for all food and beverage service with no exceptions. Employees and students must use the college's exclusive food services provider for all food and beverage service (catering) for any events with an attendance of 25 or more. The college’s vendor has right of first refusal to provide requested food services for an event. If the vendor does not exercise their right to provide food and beverage services for an event, the customer can pursue a licensed caterer with insurance required. INTERNAL: The exclusive right to cater shall not apply to: any potluck of homemade food that is organized by the College or a Recognized Student Group; or any donations of free food/catering made to the college. Leonardtown, Prince Frederick and Regional Hughesville Campus: Caterers will be selected from a pre-approved list.
  19. Placement of signs and decorations and their installation require prior approval from the scheduler at the individual campus. Nails, hooks, tacks, tape, screws, or other similar devices used to secure signs or decorations that may damage walls are prohibited.
  20. Use of college equipment, tools and property is prohibited except for those specified in the facility use contract.
  21. Any room used during a meeting, event, and/or activity must be left in its original condition and may be subject to inspection by a representative of the college. This includes promotional items, fliers, and decorations. Reasonable charges may be assessed against the user for the costs of clean-up or for the repair of damaged property.
  22. All tobacco and vapor-producing products are prohibited on CSM property, including all parking lots and in personal vehicles.
  23. Additional policies related to use of facilities can be found in the CSM Administrative Manual or Board Policy Manual. (e.g. Political Activity, HR 4122; Public Safety, PP 6028; Alcoholic Beverages, GEN 411; Petition, Handbill and Literature Distribution, GEN 414; Animals, PP 6010; Smoking, PP 6050/HRD 1116, Free Speech and Expression: GA311.)

    For full policy and procedures, please see GA 3008 Facility Usage.

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