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It is the Social Sciences where we engage in teaching students about the processes and interworking of social institutions, societal issues, mental well-being, diversity, and globalization.

The Social Sciences at CSM consist of a set of diverse yet intertwined disciplines. However, we share the scientific method in our methodological analysis of societal processes, our shared analysis of people, the environment, institutions, and cultures.

We have extremely well-trained professors, with teaching and research experiences from across wide swaths of the social sciences, which greatly benefits our students in the classrooms.

Our faculty in the Social Sciences also represent the diversity we experience across the U.S., the greater DMV region, and increasingly in southern Maryland and the campuses of the college.

The Social Sciences faculty and curricula engage students in work that directly reflects CSM’s Values/Guiding Principles of diversity, excellence, innovation, integrity, knowledge, respect, and teamwork.

Programs of Study

The Social Sciences, AA is designed for part- and full-time students with a specific academic and/or professional interest in the areas of geography, political science, psychology and sociology. A Social Science degree builds strong analytical, research, and critical thinking skills. The Social Sciences program holds specific appeal to students seeking the transfer option to a four-year institution. This option introduces these disciplines within the context of allied subject areas, preparing students for a specific concentration at a four-year Maryland state college or university.

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Arts and Sciences: Social Sciences, AA

The Human Services degree curriculum provides pre-service and in-service education for individuals choosing careers in community and social services. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to apply principles of behavior, communication, and social welfare in their practice with a variety of clients including the elderly, children, the disadvantaged, and other special populations.

Positions available to graduates of this program include social work careers such as eligibility worker, caseworker aide, human services worker, and substance abuse counselor.

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Human Services, AAS

This certificate option provides pre-service and in-service education for individuals choosing careers and/or seeking Maryland state certification in alcohol and drug counseling. The certificate courses provide information on alcohol and drug addictions, rehabilitation procedures, and counseling strategies for addicted individuals and their codependents. Courses in this program may be applied to the Human Services applied associate's degree.

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Human Services: Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate

This certificate is an option of the Human Services program and is directed to individuals who work in a variety of mental health and human services agencies. Students are trained to work as members of a service delivery team to render services to clients who need counseling, education, or help regarding social problems. Graduates of this program are employed in social services agencies, community mental health centers, substance abuse programs, and other agencies responsible for human and mental health services. Courses in this certificate may be applied to the Human Services Applied Associates Degree.

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Human Services: Mental Health Technician Certificate

Scholarship Opportunities

The following scholarship opportunities are available for the Social Sciences programs:

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Randall Salm

Professional headshot of CSM instructor Dr. Randall Salm

Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences Department

"My teaching style involves building on students' experiences and skills to promote understanding of important sociological concepts and critical thinking skills. As much as possible, we do case studies of relevant issues within our society or global societies to apply theories and concepts studied in class. I emphasize critical analysis of social issues, emphasizing how social structures influence everyday life."

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