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UMD is proud to offer our world-class education in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in Southern Maryland at USMSM. Stay Close, Go Far!

Mechanical Engineering & Electrical Engineering in Southern Maryland

The College of Southern Maryland is proud to offer, in partnership with the University of Maryland (UMD), a seamless pathway to a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. CSM offers the Associate of Science in Engineering degree to its students. Upon completing the engineering curriculum at CSM, students may then transfer with junior status to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Students also have the opportunity to do an internship with the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), a division of NAVAIR, with a possible employment opportunity upon successful graduation and completion of all the Pathway Program requirements. 

Students can take all the classes in Southern Maryland at CSM and then take classes at the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland (USMSM) to complete their junior and senior classes with UMD.

Students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program will typically have three classes per semester at USMSM and one class at UMD's College Park Campus. An additional class may be taken online or through an electronically based distance education service.

NAWCAD and UMD have established a state-of-the-art engineering laboratory dedicated to support junior- and senior-level engineering courses at CSM.

Students interested in this program should apply for the Southern Maryland ENTRY Program and the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) while enrolled at CSM. Information on both programs can be found here

A. James Clark School of Engineering Transfer Opportunity Program

The College of Southern Maryland has entered into an agreement with University of Maryland, College Park, to allow CSM students the opportunity to participate in the Southern Maryland ENTRY Program.

The ENTRY Program is designed to provide structured pre-transfer advising to students throughout their community college enrollment. Key elements of the program include:

  • A minimum of two pre-transfer advising appointments with the transfer advisor at the A. James Clark School of Engineering (one appointment upon enrolling in ENTRY and one appointment in the semester prior to transfer). 
  • A minimum of two pre-transfer advising appointments with the Pre-Engineering Coordinator at CSM (one appointment upon enrolling in ENTRY and one appointment in the semester prior to transfer).
  • Ongoing advising support for all students participating in the ENTRY Program.
  • Targeted email communication regarding key transfer information (e.g., MTAP information, application deadline reminders, scholarship information, internship information, etc.).
  • Coordination between the community college and A. James Clark School fo Engineering designed to support students in their transition to the four-year school.

To be eligible for ENTRY:

  • Must have earned their high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Matriculate to CSM.
  • Desire to pursue an Engineering forethought the University of Maryland, College Park, at either the UMD Main Campus, the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland (USMSM), or the Universities at Shady Grove (USG).

Students may apply to ENTRY as early as their first semester at CSM and should apply no later than their second-to-last semester at CSM. Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis.

ENTRY Application

View our ENTRY Agreement

Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP)

The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) is designed to ensure that CSM students are well prepared for seamless transfer to University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) and that they are well prepared for success when they get there. MTAP helps students that want to begin and complete their college education in the State of Maryland. 

  • Students apply for MTAP as a new student entering CSM or as a student currently enrolled at CSM. Upon acceptance, students take classes at CSM in preparation for transfer to UMCP. Also, MTAP students may take classes at UMCP with a 25% course-tuition scholarship. 
  • Please keep in mind that this guarantees admission to University of Maryland, College Park, not Limited Enrollment Programs within UMD. Limited Enrollment Programs (LEPs) have additional requirements that students must meet in order to be considered eligible for admission into these majors.
  • For more information about transferring to University of Maryland, College Park and course selection, please contact an Academic Advisor on any of 3 campuses or email 
  • Students are eligible to apply for MTAP Guaranteed Admission Transfer for the early action deadline following the receipt and posting of final grades for all required 30 semester credits. If you've applied for MTAP prior to earning grades for any credits, you would likely be eligible to transfer to UMD while in progress of your third semester. This would require applying by the early action deadline. A complete application requires all materials, including transcripts, must be post-marked by our office by the early action deadline.
  • Ineligible applicants:
    • Spring admitted freshman
    • Students who are re-enrolling at the University of Maryland
    • Students currently enrolled at a four-year institution
    • Students who have been academically dismissed from the University of Maryland
    • Students who apply for MTAP and admission to the university at the same time
    • High School students who are dually enrolled at a community college
    • Students who have previously earned a bachelor's degree
  • Students must participate in MTAP for a minimum of one semester before transferring to UMD. To complete the program requirements and successfully transfer to UMD, students should work closely with a CSM advisor to meet the following minimum criteria:
    • Complete 30 college credit hours or earn an associate degree from the College of Southern Maryland.
      • Credits earned at another two- or four-year institution can be used to meet the MTAP requirements, as long as the last 15 credits are completed at CSM. 
    • Complete fundamental studies in English and mathematics.
    • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or a B average from all previous institutions attended.
      • AP/IB credits can be used to satisfy the fundamental English and Math courses required for MTAP, however, they will not count towards the overall 30 college credit hours required to complete MTAP to apply for transfer admissions to the University of Maryland. Original AP/IB test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
    • Adherence to all admission policies in addition to the academic stipulations already listed.
    • Submit a completed UMD transfer application by the early action deadline following the semester in which you'll complete all MTAP requirements. 
      • MTAP applicants are required to submit updated official transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
  • To view frequently asked questions about MTAP, please click here


Limited Enrollment Programs

Several majors at UMD, known as Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP), have limited space and, therefore, have more competitive admission criteria beyond the university's general requirements. These majors include Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Prospective UMD students should indicate their preferred major when completing their online application for admission. However, your preferred major does not affect your admissibility to the university. 

Admitted students who select an LEP as their major are reviewed by the specific program to determine admission to that major. While the majority of students are admitted to their preferred major, some LEP applicants may not be. Students who are admitted to UMD but not their preferred LEP major are placed in Letters & Sciences, where they will work with an advisor to meet the gateway requirements to earn admission to that major. Admitted students who did not select an LEP major are admitted directly to the major indicated on their application. All major decisions are included in the applicant's admission decision letter. 

Students interested in majoring in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering at UMD must meet the gateway requirements in order to be admitted to Engineering program. The gateway requirements include:

  • Completion of MATH141 (CSM's MTH-1210) with a minimum grade of B-
  • Completion of PHYS161 (CSM's PHY-1210 AND PHY-1210L OR PHY-1310) with a minimum grade of B-.
  • Completion of CHEM135 (CHE-1350) with a minimum grade of C-.

Students must possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken at any colleges and universities. 

The following guidelines pertain to all Limited Enrollment Programs:

  • Only one gateway or performance review course may be repeated to earn the required grade and that course may only be repeated once. When more than one course can satisfy a gateway requirement, taking a second course from the list will count as a repeat. Please note that a grade of "W" is considered an attempt and must be repeated.
  • Students may apply once to an LEP.
  • Students who were directly admitted and fail to meet the performance review criteria will be dismissed from the major and may not reapply.
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 after admission to an LEP. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the major.
  • Any student denied admission or dismissed from the major may appeal in writing to the individual LEP.


The University of Maryland, College Park, requires students to complete a minimum of 40 credits of general education. Students transferring to the University who have completed their general education requirements at another Maryland public institution of higher education will be considered to have competed their general education requirements with the exception of an upper-level writing course and any additional credits necessary to complete the minimum number of general education credits.
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