Standard II: Ethics and Integrity

Standard II: Ethics and Integrity

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Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective higher education institutions. In all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.

Workgroup Members:

II - Ethics and Integrity

*Karen Smith-Hupp

Assistant Vice President, Government Relations


**PIR Support

*Judith Ferrara

Director II, Adult and Community Education


Kevin Hunter

Executive Director of Student Affairs and Title IX Coordinator


Candi Hume

Associate Professor, Health Sciences


Hannah Cooksey-Tate

Coordinator, Campus Operations


Sarah Williams

Assistant Director, Student Life and Athletics


Dr. Tracy Hamm-Simmons

Director, IT Program and Project Management


Janice Love

Marketing, Recruitment, and Retention Research Coordinator


Taylor Phillips

Student, Class of 2024


Kamilia Epps



**Donna Staff

Research Analyst I


Lines of Inquiry:

The Working Group for Standard II is tasked to find evidence and draft a narrative to answer the following questions:

  1. To what extent are the college’s student and employee policies and practices fair and equitable? Are they periodically assessed?
  2. How does the college ensure academic freedom, intellectual freedom, freedom of expression, respect for intellectual property rights, and avoidance of conflicts of interest?
  3. How do the college’s communications, services, and programs for students and prospective students regarding affordability, accessibility, and debt reflect the college’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Are all publications and communications honest and truthful?
  4. How does the institution ensure open access to all community members while maintaining the rigor and integrity of specific academic programs (e.g.: Nursing and Engineering)?
  5. After researching the above questions, how can CSM improve in any of these areas?
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