Community Rooms

Example of a typical classroom space

Community Rooms are classroom spaces that, when not being used for academic purposes, are available for nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization use only, free of charge. 

The rooms will be available on a first-come, first-serve monthly basis. Meeting rooms are unavailable when the college is closed.  

  • All meeting room users must leave the room in good condition. All furniture must be returned to its original location and trash must be emptied upon exit of the room. You may not change the wall layout of the meeting room to hang, attach, or remove items. Open flames and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Items are not permitted to be hung on the walls. Materials connected to a meeting room reservation are not able to be stored at the college ahead of the meeting. 
  • Community Rooms offer no technology or support staff intervention. Reservations requiring the use of technology is considered an event rental and falls outside of Community Room usage. Users are prohibited from connecting to the Smart Podium, computer, projector and/or sound system as part of this reservation. Users may bring their own laptop and portable projector that are operated independently of CSM technology systems. Unauthorized use will result in loss of future use of the Community Room for you and your group
  • Admission fees may not be charged, but cashless products and services can be sold inside the rooms. Solicitations outside these rooms are not permitted.
  • Meetings must have always at least one adult (18 years or older) in attendance. Everything pertaining to your event must stay contained in the meeting room. This includes tables, persons, publications, etc.
  • The nonprofit will pay for all damages to any property of the College of Southern Maryland resulting directly or indirectly from conduct of any member, officer, employee, or agent of the group or organization or any of its invitees, and the nonprofit will save harmless and indemnify the College of Southern Maryland from and against any and all liability which may be imposed upon it for any injury to persons or property caused by the group or organization, or any other person in connection with a meeting.
  • It is further understood that the College of Southern Maryland assume no responsibility whatever for any property placed in any space in connection with a meeting; and that the College of Southern Maryland is hereby expressly released and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property which may be sustained by reason of a meeting.
  • Failure to comply with these or other meeting room regulations, including failure to check in or check out, late cancellations, blocking fire extinguishers or fire exits, or failure to clean the room will jeopardize your future access to meeting rooms at all locations. Exceptions to the regulations may be made at the discretion of the Scheduling Office.
  • Meeting Rooms are NOT available for the following uses: 1) social gatherings (including but not limited to birthday parties/events, receptions, showers, etc.); 2) Activities that may disrupt daily operations; 3) Uses that could be viewed as a potential threat to the life, safety, or property of an individual as determined by Campus Operations.

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