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Let us help you start a career that fulfills your dreams! The tools below can help you consider your true interests and match them with the college path and career that are right for you.


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Career Coach

  • Identify career opportunities in the Southern Maryland and Washington D.C. Metropolitan region.
  • See salary scales for various careers of interest.
  • Find out if employers will be hiring in your field when you graduate or complete training.
  • Make sure you get the degree or training you need for the career you want.

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Virtual Career Library

Access over 6,000 digital pages of career guidance information. Inside you will find hundreds of career advice videos, digital career books and directories, virtual job data cards, job bank resources,  and occupational videos to help you achieve career and life success.

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Focus 2 Career

Start planning early. We can help ensure that the educational path you take is the right one for your goals. Uncover your interests and skills with Focus 2 Career.

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Note: If you're logging on for the first time, you must set up an account using access code "career".

What Can I Do With This Major?

Finally, a convenient website that helps you connect majors with careers! Read the reports and links for the majors that interest you.  The list does not include every possible major at every college, but does get you started on your search.  For more information or other ideas on a possible major, check with your campus Career Center.

Learn "What Can I Do with this Major?"

Additional Resources

There are a variety of resources that can be helpful for students looking to find their paths. Here are a few of our favorites:

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