Equity and Inclusion Council


Equity & Inclusion Council Charter


The Equity & Inclusion Council is responsible for the development of a college-wide strategy for increasing equity and inclusive diversity at the College of Southern Maryland.


  • The committee shall review data and recommend strategies, action plans, activities, and benchmarks for achieving equity and inclusion in student and employee recruitment, belonging, retention, and success. These recommendations shall be set forth in three- to five-year CSM Equity
  • The committee shall review annually the College’s progress in achieving objectives and benchmarks set forth in CSM Equity
  • The committee shall review, evaluate, and recommend improvements to College policies and practices pertaining to recruitment and hiring, academics, professional learning, evaluation and promotion, student and employee conduct, and marketing and outreach, to increase equity and inclusion in these
  • The committee shall recommend and evaluate curricular and co-curricular programs and activities that promote equity and cultural
  • The committee shall coordinate its efforts with appropriate College
  • The committee shall normally meet bi-monthly during the academic Meetings shall be open to all CSM students, faculty, and staff, although only committee members may vote on committee matters.


12 voting members from CWD, DAA, DFS, HRO, MAR, OPP, and SES comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. There will also be 1-3 ex officio student members.

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