Instruction and Student Affairs Council


 Instruction and Student Affairs Council



 The Instruction and Student Affairs Council is responsible for educational policy, student services and welfare ensuring an environment that supports student satisfaction, completion, and student outcomes while fostering equity.

The role of the council is as follows:

  1. Educational policy-including admissions requirements, instructional quality, curriculum, degrees, research, educational technology, distance learning, Achieving the Dream, and High Impact Practices


  1. Student services and welfare-including food services, mental health services, safety, extracurricular activities, athletic programs, and policies governing student discipline and student organizations.


  1. Develop educational priorities and objectives while ensuring that the college’s educational programs are consistent with CSM’s mission and institutional strategic
  2. Ensure that the institution’s educational programs are appropriate for its students, and that students are served well by the
  3. Ensure that the institution assesses the effectiveness of its educational programs on a regular basis, and takes steps to continuously improve programs on the basis of objective evidence about effectiveness and
  4. Review and make recommendations to the Board on the approval, suspension or elimination of degree programs at the college for the Vice President of Academic Affairs to take to the Board for Final
  5. Assist in setting college-wide co-curricular programing which supports and enhances the student experience outside the classroom
  6. Ensure that the Division of Academic Affairs, Continuing Education and Workforce Development, and Student Equity and Success policies and procedures support student satisfaction, completion rates, and student
  7. Ensure that the range of services available to the student community is reflective of CSM’s commitment to


12 voting members from CWD, DAA, DFS, and SES comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators. There will also be an ex officio student member.

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