College-Wide Council


College-Wide Council Charter 


The College-Wide Council is responsible for creating connections among internal stakeholders of the College of Southern Maryland, to help promote communication among the wider college community, coordinate the participatory governance processes, and ensure input from all areas of the college. 

Scope of Responsibility: Reporting to the President, the College-Wide Council will foster improved communication within the college to ensure smooth implementation of new ideas, provide accountability and ensure follow through.  


  • Member of President's Cabinet, co-chair  
  • President of Faculty Senate, co-chair 
  • Chief of Staff, representing the President 
  • Chair and Co-Chair of each council: Instruction and Student Affairs Council, Planning Council, Equity and Inclusion Council, Talent Development Council. 


  • Staggered two-year terms, except General Counsel, Faculty Senate President, and Chief of Staff 
  • Initially half of the members will have two-year appointments and the other half three appointments to ensure continuity of operations.  

Meeting Schedule  

     4 College-Wide Forums annually 

  • Zoom meetings with presentation by committees regarding current initiatives  
  • Available in Zoom Rooms and desktop streaming 
  • Open to ALL college employees 
  • Will be recorded 
  • Each forum will have online feedback opportunities 

     4 College-Wide Council meetings annually 

  • Discussion of presented initiatives and college-wide feedback. 
  • Recommendations for next steps 

College-Wide Council Minutes (by academic year)

In June 2020, President Maureen Murphy introduced a new participatory governance structure comprising the College-Wide Council and four specialized sub-councils -- College Planning, Equity and Inclusion, Instruction and Student Affairs, and Talent Development. By the end of 2020, these councils comprised of faculty and staff from across the college. In early 2021, training sessions were organized to prepare the council co-chairs for their responsibilities. In March 2021, both the individual councils and the College-Wide Council began to convene for regular meetings throughout the academic year.

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