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Meet Brooke Brown '15

Brooke is a DoD employee at Patuxent River Naval Base. She is also the owner of Bashes by Brooke Brown, a mix of high energy fun mixology courses and restaurant consulting. 

Why did you choose CSM? 

I chose CSM because I saw people around me go off to college and they were drowning in debt. I wanted to earn my degree at a reasonable price so I chose to go the path of community college. Turns out CSM has many more perks. Smaller class sizes being one of them, which allows you to create a relationship with your teacher and get more one on one experience and knowledge from them. 

 Where are you now?  

I am currently working on Patuxent River Naval Base as a DoD employee but I also run my own business called Bashes by Brooke Brown. Bashes by Brooke is a mix of high energy fun mixology courses and restaurant consulting. I go into restaurants and train employees on service and teach them how to make craft cocktails. I also teach cocktail courses to the community and even with CSM alumni!

 How did CSM prepare you for what you are doing today? 

CSM has prepared me for today by introducing me to some fantastic individuals and teaching me that the power of networking can be life changing. 

What advice do you have for CSM alumni and current students? 

Get involved with your school and stay in tune to what is going on. You never know what opportunity might get you further along your career path. Networking with the right people gave me the opportunity to multiple internships (ESPN, Fox 5 News, iHeart Radio) and job opportunities- so talk to strangers! Stay involved- even when you leave. I was recently added to CSM alumni committee and have been able to meet new people and assist CSM in their upcoming alumni events.

Where are you from? 

Currently reside in Leonardtown, MD. But grew up in Dallas, Texas.

What is your favorite CSM memory? 

My favorite memory at CSM was when I received the opportunity to be on a Women's Leadership panel. I was able to stand next to some fierce business women and talk about how women can enter a male dominated industry and still succeed. 

Did you transfer to another institution after graduation? 

Yes, I continued my education with UMUC getting my bachelor's degree in communication.

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