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Meet The honorable Andrea Watkins '81

Andrea earned her associate degree in 1981. Since then, she has earned her bachelor’s and law degrees. She is an Associate Judge for the District Court of Maryland for Charles County. 

What year did you graduate? 1981

 Why did you choose CSM? I chose CSM because my father was employed there and children of employees were able to attend at a reduced tuition rate. I am also the fourth of six children, had attended the College’s Summer sports camp, had an older brother attending already, and I felt very comfortable at the college. I started taking classes in my Senior year of high school and I was strongly encouraged to take a typing class over the Summer months since there would be many papers to type once in college.  

 Where are you doing now? I am an attorney by training and education and currently serve on the bench for the District Court of Maryland sitting in Charles County.

 How did CSM prepare you for what you are doing today?  Attending CSM laid the groundwork for my future education. I met many wonderful friends there from different backgrounds and had some great teachers. Professor Josephine Williams was a wonderful and challenging English instructor and, in some ways, inspired me to work towards a major in English. Clem Riley oversaw the Student Government Association and was also a lively professor in Government class. Some other notable instructors were Professor Rea (Psychology), Professor Quesada (Philosophy and French), Professor Ron Brown (History), and Coach Nila Toribio (First Aid class and Tennis coach).

 What advice do you have for CSM alumni and current students? My advice for current students is, in the words of Dory, “just keep swimming.” What seems difficult and daunting at first, whether it’s a new job or going to college, usually gets better with time, patience, and perseverance.

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