Hy-Flex Classrooms

What is a Hy-Flex Classroom?

A Hy-Flex Classroom is a classroom equipped with cameras, mics, and screen to provide in-person classroom experience to students virtually connecting through Zoom. Many classrooms are in the process of becoming Hy-Flex rooms by the end of Summer 2021. Technology Support's goal is for all classrooms to become Hy-Flex rooms by the end of 2022.

What is included in a Hy-Flex Classroom?

All rooms have a minimum of the following (based on the size of the room):

  • 2 HD cameras with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom options
  • 4 microphones to capture the instructor and student voice
  • 4 ceiling speakers
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Updated podium control panel to choose camera shots

Helpful Tips and Resources:

Please contact the Help Desk at ext. 4357 (HELP) or email help@csmd.edu if you experience any issues or have questions.

Would you like the opportunity to see the setup and try out the equipment in person?

  • Drop by ST142 on the La Plata Campus during one of the following times to have a look: June 3, 2-3 p.m. or June 8, 2-3 p.m.
  • Note: Current capacity restrictions will be followed. Faculty members will be priority during these drop-in times. Dates/times will be scheduled at the Leonardtown and Prince Frederick campuses as rooms become available.


Which rooms are Hy-Flex Classrooms?

Campus Building/Room
La Plata ST142
La Plata BI009
Leonardtown A208
Leonardtown B214
Leonardtown B307
Leonardtown C113
Leonardtown C301
Leonardtown C302
Leonardtown C318
Prince Frederick PFA108


The following classrooms will be converting to Hy-Flex over the summer of 2021


Campus Building/Room
La Plata BU204
La Plata BU105
La Plata BU106
La Plata BU107
La Plata BU111
La Plata CE101
La Plata CE106
La Plata CE107
La Plata ST111
La Plata ST114
La Plata ST140
La Plata ST141
Leonrdtown B313
Leonardtown C201
Leonardtown C205
Leonardtown C202
Prince Frederick PFA124
Prince Frederick PFA209
Prine Frederick PFA216
Prince Frederick PFA233
Prince Frederick PFB102
Prince Frederick PFB201
Prince Frederick PFB202
Prince Frederick PFA117
Prince Frederick PFA204
Regional-Hughesville CTET105
Velocity Center VC108A
Veclocity Center VC108B
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