Student Association Elections

CSM hawks logoStudent Government Association (SGA) represents your voice in the administrative affairs of the college.

Each CSM campus has chapters which are advised by the Vice President of Instructional and Support Services. The SGA is funded by the student activity fee, and all registered students are members.

Criteria for Running for Any Student Association Office:

The criteria necessary to be accepted as a candidate for office is the following:

  • Candidate must be a credit student registered for at least 1 credit, at their respective campus, during their elected term(s) at the College of Southern Maryland
  • Candidate must have no academic probation status
  • Candidate must not have had any disciplinary probation
  • Candidate must have earned and maintained at least a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 throughout the previous academic year (fall-spring)

Position Descriptions

Gives direction and leadership to the Student Association. Additional duties include the following:

  • Serve on the SGA Executive Board
  • Supervise the implementation and maintenance of SGA and Student Association policy
  • Make committee appointments
  • Be an ex-officio member of all Student Association committees
  • Appoint any position on the Student Association in the event of resignation, recall, or other vacancy with the approval of the voting members of the association in accordance with these bylaws
  • Call special sessions of the Student Association anytime he/she deems it to be in the interest of the association with at least forty-eight hours notice.
  • Call special sessions of either the Student Association or all campus meetings whenever petitioned by three percent of the student body
  • Notify the Vice President to assume his/her duties in the event that the President expects being absent from their duties
  • Preside over recall procedures and all Student Association and all campus meetings
  • Hold 6 published office hours a week


Assist the President in the administration of the Student Association. Additional duties include the following:

  • Take responsibility for the effective planning, management and evaluation of all Student Association sponsored activities
  • Ensure that quality and diverse activities and programs are presented
  • Work with the Student Life Department in the preparation of the Student Activities Calendar and the Student Handbook
  • Hold 6 published office hours a week
  • Perform such duties as may be requested by the President.
  • Be the convening and presiding officer of recall proceedings against the President
  • Assist the President in responding to all student concerns relating to the campus

 Takes accurate minutes at all meetings. Additional duties include the following:

  • Make copies of all minutes and make them available to voting members, the advisor, the SGA Executive Board, and the SGA advisor within one week of any meeting
  • Establish and maintain a roster consisting of names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail address and class schedule of all voting members.
  • Be responsible for maintenance and confidentiality of all files
  • Collect and file all reports and correspondences of officers and committee chairpersons
  • Hold 4 published office hours a week
  • Perform such duties as may be requested by the President

Responsible for the appropriate budgeting and expenditures of Student Association funds. Additional duties include the following:

  • Ensure that expenditures of student activity funds adhere to SGA guidelines and procedures
  • Work with the Advisor in the establishment and maintenance of disbursement and accounting procedures
  • Submit a financial statement to the SA Executive Board on a weekly basis and the SGA on a monthly basis
  • Hold 4 office hours a week
  • Act as the Chairperson of the Student Association Budget Board
  • Perform such duties as may be requested by the President.

Help to ensure that quality and diverse activities and programs are presented. Additional duties include the following:

  • Attend Student Association meetings
  • Work on assigned committee(s)
  • Hold 4 office hours a week
  • Perform such duties as may be request by the President.

Please note: Each campus duties and responsibilities may vary. The information provided above is a general overview of the positions responsibilities.

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Student Government Association Officers! 🎉

La Plata
  • President - Kia Smith
  • Secretary - Reanna Robinson
  • Treasurer - Jovahnie Toussaint
  • Representatives - Reanna Robinson and Taylor Dean

Prince Frederick

  • President - Rhey Gelly Mesowski
  • Treasurer - Sofia West
  • Representative (Clubs & Organizations) - Abigail Sellner

Candidates By Campus:

Running for Presidentkymariottery.jpg

Name - Kymari Randolph-Ottey

Campaign Slogan - Without unity there's no community, Vote Kymari Ottey for President.

Candidate's Bio - I am interested in being an officer because I want changes in the community, it's very important to have a good and comforting atmosphere for students and I want to do everything I can to provide that. I also bring a lot of different things to the table and I know that I will thrive in this association. I was a part of SGA in High School; I was voted in for student liaison. With that my job was to connect the groups together , for example I would bring ideas for trips and activities, they were always successful if I may add . I ran for President but unfortunately in high school the best candidate for the position doesn't always get the credit they deserve . I truly enjoy SGA all around. Voting for me will ensure that you have the best experience for the rest of your time at CSM. Vote Kymari Ottey for President!! Just remember without Unity there's no community.

kia smithRunning for President

Name - Kia Smith

Campaign Slogan - Never say the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.

Candidate's Bio - I am interested in becoming your President because I am a great leader. Not only do I have great listening skills, I also possess logically problem-solving qualities.  As an SA member, I will advocate for my peers and always have their best interest. Every program needs someone driven to be the best possible representation for the student body and ensure everyone has a memorable school year and college experience. I will work closely with the other SA members to reach out to as many students as possible and be a helping hand in my community to make sure every student’s needs and or concerns are met.


 reanna robinson

Running for Secretary and Representative

Name - Reanna Robinson

Campaign Slogan - Don’t make excuses, make changes.

Candidate's Bio - An effective leader is able to adapt, communicate and excel with any team to accomplish any goal. My problem-solving, listening, and teamwork skills will help advance Student Government. In the upcoming academic year, I would like to continue student involvement. My main goal is the students' happiness and success. I will continue to be the voice for all students. Outside of CSM, I spend time working for Homeland Security/TSA and Department of Corrections. During my free time, I volunteer in Student government/CSM activities. Being the secretary of CSM for the past year, was an honor. I had the ability to hear students' stories and become a voice for them. Implement changes that were important to our students and community. In this upcoming election, I will continue to strive for our students' success. I enjoy giving back to our community to help make a difference in every person's life.

Running for Treasurerjovahnietoussaint.jpg

Name - Jovahnie Toussaint

Campaign Slogan - When life gives us lemons make orange juice and let them wonder how you did it!

Candidate's Bio - Hey Everyone! My name is Jovahnie Toussaint, I am majoring in Business Administration and I am running for La Plata Student Association Treasurer! I am 17 years old.. I know you’re thinking that I am pretty young, and may not be capable to be a Treasurer, but that’s where you're wrong. I’m what you call a money girl 😅. Since I was 5 years old, I always found new ways to make money and budget it, too. Not to mention that I helped to host a SUCCESSFUL pop-up shop fundraiser at my church last week! The qualifications that I possess will be a great for this position! I am very strategic; I think critically and am very organized. When I see a need I find a quick and easy way to fulfill it. I am willing to get my hands dirty and do everything I need to uphold the requirements and beyond of a Treasurer! I do hope I have done enough to earn your trust and vote for this office. Join me as we begin creating memories that will never be forgotten. Let’s turn this vision into a reality! This year is our year!!!! Periodttt!

Running for Representativetaylordean.jpg

Name - Taylor Dean

Campaign Slogan - If you don't do it, then who will

Candidate's Bio - I feel that I am qualified for being a student government officer because I am a responsible, reliable, and organized person who takes pride in being and continuing to become a great leader. I strive to be a servant leader by utilizing effective communication skills to connect with each of my peers. I am a person that is willing to help others in any way possible. As a team player I support and respect others in sports but also in a classroom. I am a hardworking individual that is devoted to each activity I put my mind to.

Running for Presidentrheygellymesowski.jpg

Name - Rhey Gelly Mesowski

Campaign Slogan - "You underestimate Skywalker, and Ben Solo, and me. It will be your downfall." ; Vote "Rey" with an "H"

Candidate's Bio - It is an honor to serve and represent YOU, my fellow Hawks. As the 2020 SA Secretary at the Prince Frederick Campus, I have met so many inspiring people, amazing students, and supportive mentors. They all have the same vision as mine, that is, to ensure that students are engaged in learning as well as entertainment. If given the opportunity to work for and with these great people again, I will make sure that I reflect their good deeds back to our dear students.


Running for Treasurersofiawest.jpg

Name - Sofia West

Campaign Slogan - Together or apart, we are a family. This is my motto because I believe CSM is a family and we do great events to keep in touch, even while we are apart.

Candidate's Bio - Hi everyone! My name is Sofia. I am currently the Treasurer of the Prince Frederick Campus. I am currently running to continue being the treasurer. I have been in Student Association for my entire CSM academic career. I look forward to serving another academic year as Treasurer. I already have experience as Treasurer and would like to continue building my experience. Thank you everyone for your time. I hope you guys consider me when voting! :)


Running for Representativeabigailsellner.jpg

Name - Abigail Sellner

Campaign Slogan - The only thing holding you back is yourself.

Candidate's Bio - I am interested in being an officer because I would love to continue being able to represent my student body and be a part of the CSM family. I was the Clubs and Organizations Representative last year and I had so much fun being able to work with the other SGA members and students. Throughout the last academic year, I learned so much in SGA about leadership. I was able to be a part of a group that really strived to better student life here at CSM. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world and I would love to be able to do it again this year. Being an officer would mean that I can directly connect with students and voice their concerns to other members of my SGA community. I enjoy being able to represent this amazing student body and hope to be able to this upcoming year. I want to continue having that positive impact on SGA and the student body.

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