LGBTQIA2+ Resources

students sit in front of a rainbow flag

The LGBTQIA2+Online Resource Center was established as a place where LGBTQIA2+ information can be easily accessed.

Vision and History

"Diversity and respect are two of the College of Southern Maryland’s guiding values. Supporting and celebrating students’ diverse identities is an integral part of promoting their overall success and wellness in a higher education setting. In our various roles (Counseling, Student Life, and Academics), it became apparent to us over the past year and a half that LGBTQ students were in immediate need of supportive resources. Some students face hostile environments at home, work, and other social milieus. Because students do not learn in a vacuum, these challenges can extend into the classroom, ultimately impacting their educational attainment and our institutional retention.

It is important to note that addressing diversity of sexuality and gender on campus has benefits for all members of the college community, not just those who identify as LGBTQ. Recognizing and celebrating our diversity strengthens the community as a whole."

- College Safe Zone Advisory Group (Michelle Brosco Christian, Jennifer Fossell, and Jennifer Van Cory)




 Join us for monthly friendship, activities, and support! Whether you identify with the LGBTQ+ community or you are an ally, we welcome you to join this club. Contact club advisor Michelle Christian at for more information.

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