Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents your voice in the administrative affairs of the college.

Each CSM campus has chapters which are advised by the Vice President of Student Equity and Success. The SGA is funded by the student activity fee, and all registered students are members.

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Campus Associations:

The La Plata Campus Association serves by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.  Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity.


Hello, my name is Marlon Charles. I’m the president of the SGA La Plata campus and this is my third year at CSM. My major is Art and Sciences, and I plan to transfer to a four-year university. There are many things about me like playing video games, art, and music. One of them is getting to know me around campus. Feel free to say hello to me!




Vice President
Hello, my name is OluwaTomisin Aina they called me Tomi for short you can call me that or Vicky as well. I am the vice president of the SGA / CA La Plata Campus, and this is my second year at College of Southern Maryland. My major is Social Worker, Culinary Arts and Cosmetologist/ Hair styler, and I plan to transfer to  Bowie State University.

There are many things about me like playing video games, art, words search puzzle, reading books, babysitting, Piano, and music. I am also the Vice President for The Power of Words Book club at CSM and I am also the treasury of SAGE club at CSM, and I am the President of Velocity Hawks club at CSM as well.

kiley tewell

Kiley Tewell is your 2023-2024 La Plata campus association secretary. This is her 2nd year at CSM, and she is currently pursuing an associate in psychology/social sciences. Her plan after CSM is transfer to a 4-year college or university then to go to PA school to become a physician’s assistant in pediatrics. She enjoys drawing and painting in her free time, she loves to make colorful pieces.

She has also recently picked up the hobby of reading and loves to enjoy thriller/murder mystery books. Overall, she is excited to help in SGA and to get involved in CSM to make sure all students are heard! If you see her around campus, don’t be shy and say hi!


alvin abarca

Hello! My name is Alvin Abarca, and I am the treasurer of the La Plata SGA. This is my second year here at CSM and I am pursuing a business degree. One thing about me is that I love to play games, whether its tabletop games or video games, I’m always down for friendly competition. If you see me around, give me a wave, and if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to help you out!



Hello! My name is Denzel Chance, I am your Presidential Representative for the La Plata Campus! My Major is currently Social Sciences, and a few of my favorite Hobbies are Painting, Drinking Coffee, and volunteering with my community! :)

sara vermillion

My name is Sara Vermillion, and I am the club and organizations representative for the La Plata Campus. It is my second year of college, and I am majoring in history. I plan to get my associate degree in history and transfer to a four-year college.


The Leonardtown Campus Association is comprised of elected student leaders that represent the student body at Student Government Association (SGA) meetings.

The SA exists to provide a venue for students to have a say in decisions that affect student life. The voting membership of the SA consists of the SA Executive Board, campus representatives and student club presidents. Club leaders and all registered students are welcome to join the SA Executive Board in hearing updates from SGA meetings and to bring forth any questions or concerns about student life at monthly SA General meetings.


Genesis Ingal




Vice President
Joseph Wolpert

nina deceuninckvancapelle

Hello, my name is Nina Deceuninckvancapelle, I am the Secretary for the Leonardtown Campus and a Nursing student. I like photography, camping, hiking, and urban exploration, as well as learning about medical science, microbiology, and true crime during my free time. I also like oddities and weird history.

I’m currently a second-semester nursing student, and I plan to either graduate with my ASN and my BSN or complete my BSN at Stevenson University afterward. I have many goals – travel more, go on more adventures, take care of my friends and family, and to always practice demonstrating empathy and understanding to others, regardless of the situation.

My main goal for the future is to continue my education and become a CRNP so that I can help others as much as possible. I’ve also always dreamed of one day being an infectious disease doctor. As an officer of SGA, I plan to use my position to act as a voice for students to ensure that CSM remains a safe and effective learning environment for everyone who is part of our community.



Christian Wolpert, a dedicated nursing major at Leonardtown Campus, serves as the Treasurer, demonstrating a commitment to both financial stewardship and healthcare excellence. In his role, Christian ensures transparent and effective allocation of campus funds.

Beyond his financial responsibilities, he balances academics, leadership, and community involvement seamlessly, showcasing his commitment to personal and professional growth. As Treasurer he will make sure we have enough funds to keep the fun coming. When he is not ignoring his emails, he is playing the piano, watching movies, and sometimes you might even catch him studying. Christian Wolpert is willing to make a lasting impact at CSM and the community as a whole.



Hello, CSM community. I am Gabriela Gomero Toscano, your presidential representative from the Leonardtown Campus. I am majoring in Business Management with a concentration on digital marketing; this is my first year at CSM, and I'm so glad to be part of the Student Government while I pursue my degree. I plan to transfer to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Digital Media when I finish.

I look forward to serving the students' community and working for everyone's best interests. I enjoy talking with my classmates, and I consider as an international student, I can bring a fresh and different perspective to my partners. I would be happy to answer all questions and concerns of students.

danah edrada

My name is Danah Edrada, and I am the club and organizations representative for the Leonardtown Campus.







The Prince Frederick Campus Association serves by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life. Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity.


thanya photo

Meet Thanya Gonzalez Vudoyra, your 2023-2024 Student Government Association's 1st Vice-President and President of the Prince Frederick Campus Association at the College of Southern Maryland. Thanya is a sophomore, coming from Mexico as an international student, with a major in Electrical Engineering.

Her sights are set on transferring to the University of Maryland after earning her associate degree. But Thanya is more than just her academic pursuits. She's a dedicated learner, always eager to broaden her horizons. She's thrilled to roll up her sleeves and collaborate with you to enhance all aspects of campus life, ensuring your concerns and needs are swiftly addressed.

In her downtime, Thanya finds joy in hiking, exploring new destinations, and cherishing quality time with her loved ones. And just like you, she finds inspiration in the words of great authors. Here's a quote from one of her favorite books, "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder: "Wisest is she who knows she does not know." Let's embark on this college journey together!


tanya sharma photo


Vice President
Tanya Sharma
no photo

Meet Lenora Savoy, your 2023-2024 Student Government Association Secretary for the Prince Frederick campus at the College of Southern Maryland. Lenora is in her sophomore year with a major in nursing and plans to transfer to the University of Maryland after completing her associates' program in nursing.

This is Lenora’s first year on the SGA (Student Government Association) as secretary but not secretary for other organizations. Lenora is excited to share her ideas and experience with an organization that cares about the well-being of the students on campus and works beside her fellow classmates. When Lenora is not studying and spending time with family and friends, she likes to binge watch Netflix and horror films.


diallo taylor photo

Meet Diallo Taylor, your 2023-2024 Student Government Association's Events Representative of Prince Frederick Campus at the College of Southern Maryland. Diallo is a junior, majoring for a certificate in Hospitality management and desires to become an event planner in the future to bring more entertainment to the community when it comes to esports or video game tournaments for kids, teenagers, and adults to enjoy and compete competitively as well.

He is also looking forward to planning game nights and social events for the students to undertake and socialize with one another through the rest of the school year. Diallo lives by having hospitality for one another (1 Peter 4:9 KJV) and praying for one another (1 Peter 3:8 KJV). Lastly, Diallo spends his free time going to church, reading the Bible, playing video games, watching Netflix, and hanging out with his family and/or friends.



Meet Cehio Nelson Sanchez, your 2023-2024 Student Government Associations Presidential Representative of the Prince Frederick Campus Association at the College of Southern Maryland. Cehio is a sophomore, majoring in Media Studies with sights on breaking into the entertainment industry, and is set on transferring to Morgan State University after earning their associate degree.

This is Cehio’s first year on the SGA as Presidential Representative but has volunteered at the Prince Frederick library during their high school years to help plan events for the youth and young adults of the county. They may come off as shy at first but once you get to know them, they will open up and talk your ears off. They cannot wait to help plan events for the campuses in the future while they are at CSM!

During Cehio’s free time, they like to go shopping with their friends, going to new coffee shops, taking polaroid pictures, watch YouTube videos, write music and poetry, and being at peace. Their favorite shows to watch are The Nanny, Sex and the City, & Dear White People. If you ever want to know what Cehio is up to, they have their own YouTube channel where they post new vlogs every week! 

Contact Your Student Life Coordinator

La Plata Campus
Timothy (TJ) Reim

Leonardtown Campus
Jennifer Van Cory
240-725-5410, x5410

Prince Frederick Campus
Courtney Hawkins

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