Civility Statement


The College of Southern Maryland defines civility as demonstrating  respect for others through basic courtesy and practicing behaviors that contribute to a positive environment for learning and working.

While on any college campus or facility, attending any college event, or using any college electronic devices or cyber space access (online course, email, telephone, etc.), faculty, staff, students, and visitors can all expect civility from one another.

The college views the following ideals as fundamental to civil behavior:

  • Courteous and honest communication in both face-to-face and electronic environments
  • Fair and just treatment of individuals
  • Freedom from harassment
  • Collegiality
  • Support for a diverse campus community
  • Adherence to the values of the professions when interacting with students, colleagues, and associates
  • Respect for diverse cultures and points of view
  • Restraint from vulgar and offensive language

Members of the college community can expect these ideals to be modeled consistently by trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff.

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