Institutional Equity

We commit to work for the change we seek. We believe the College of Southern Maryland advances social justice and economic mobility for all Southern Marylanders through its educational programs. As members of the Board of Trustees at the College of Southern Maryland, we commit to supporting the work of the college in building a culture of equity and strengthening an inclusive environment that nurtures and supports all learners. We condemn injustice in all its forms. Racism violates our core values, and will not be tolerated. As citizen trustees, we commit to and hold ourselves accountable for equity in all facets of our policy governance of the College of Southern Maryland.     
                                                                                 CSM Board of Trustees, July 5, 2020

2021 Plan for Cultural Diversity and Institutional Equity ("Equity Plan")

CSM has integrated into its Board-approved 2018-2021 Institutional Strategic Plan four strategic objectives aimed at promoting cultural diversity and institutional equity. These four objectives are the core of CSM’s Plan for Cultural Diversity and Institutional Equity:

  • Obj. 1: Identify equity benchmarks for student progress and completion rates, and devise and implement strategies for achieving them.
  • Obj. 2: Respond to demographic changes in each county, and devise and implement strategies for achieving equity in student access to, and success in, CSM’s innovative programs.
  • Obj. 3: Refine strategies for sustaining equitable representation of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups so that CSM’s workforce reaps the benefits of diverse experiences and perspectives.
  • Obj. 4: Increase employee participation in cultural diversity and equity professional development and programming.

View the 2020-2021 Equity Plan

View CSM's 2020 Cultural Diversity Report


CSM Equity Scorecard


CSM's Equity Scorecard tracks our progress in achieving key benchmarks prescribed by the Equity Plan.

View CSM's Equity Scorecard

CSM's Affirmative Action Programs

CSM's annual Affirmative Action Programs ensure that all qualified employees and prospective employees are treated in a nondiscriminatory manner in all employment decisions: advertising, recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, demotion, selection for training, transfer, and termination. Annual independent audits assess group representation in CSM's workforce:
  • Minorities and Women: The representation of minorities and women in all job groups with their representation among those identified, in an availability analysis, as available internally and externally for employment in the job group. Where actual representation is less than the calculated availability, we assess whether the difference is greater than reasonably expected.
  • People with Disabilities: Our utilization of individuals with known disabilities with utilization goals identified by Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) at the start of each program year.
  • Veterans: The representation of protected veterans relative to a hiring benchmark, in accordance with the national percentage of veterans in the civilian labor force as published on the OFCCP website. 

CSM's 2020 Affirmative Action Reports

Affirmative Action Program for Minorities and Women

Affirmative Action Program for Individuals with Disabilities

Affirmative Action Program for Protected Veterans

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