Dr. Maureen Murphy Distinguished Professorship for Equity in Education

Dr. Maureen MurphyDr. Maureen Murphy Distinguished Professorship for Equity in Education

The Dr. Maureen Murphy Distinguished Professor for Equity in Education is dedicated to social justice through education.

CSM provides programs and services that support the social and economic mobility of people in the Southern Maryland region. It is equity in action, and the root of that action is in the classroom, irrespective of discipline, in the interaction between professors and students.

The goal of the Distinguished Professor program is to recognize faculty excellence and promote further faculty excellence through funds for faculty professional development.

Established in Fall 2022, this initiative is responsible for coordinating an annual lecture on a topic related to equity, which shall be open to the public, as well as working with the provost to provide additional professional development opportunities for faculty, which may include seminars, conferences, webinars, lectures, and other activities, to include the challenges begun in 2019 by the Office of Equity and Inclusive Diversity.

Dr. Murphy is a staunch supporter of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

“CSM is social justice through education... We exist solely to provide programs and services that support the social and economic mobility of people in the Southern Maryland region. We put equity in action, and the root of that action is in the classroom – irrespective of discipline – between professors and students. This work requires the continual commitment and professional development of excellent and committed faculty.” - Dr. Maureen Murphy

About the Professorship


To purposefully work towards an ideal College of Southern Maryland, where faculty members are challenged to engage differences as strengths in an environment that constantly strives for equality of access, opportunity, resources, representation, and participation. 


Culture of Belonging


CSM Strategic Goal #4 Foster and sustain a high-performing employee culture:

  • Strategy 4.3 Strengthen a culture that incorporates our institutional values in all we do.
  • Strategy 4.4 Ensure a workplace environment that is inclusive, participatory, and encourages employee engagement at all levels.

DEIB: Faculty Goal

We commit to continually engaging in purposeful conversations and actions where we challenge ourselves and our faculty to examine our individual habits.

We commit to supporting initiatives and offices within the larger college community that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will promote justice and denounce what is unjust.


  • Deliver annual report during Convocation
  • Workshops during CSM Day and Pre-Semester meetings
  • First Friday conversations by School to discuss targeted issues
  • First Year Faculty Onboarding
  • DEIB: Faculty badge
  • Guest speaker event, including the faculty, staff, students, and community
  • Lunch and learns for faculty and staff
  • MyLearning Shell for faculty to have access to resources
  • Pre- and Post-DEIB Survey
  • The use of NeoLearn and Go2Knowledge
  • Collaboration with Global Initiatives Committee, Strategic Enrollment and Marketing Committee, and Social Justice.

Calendar and Quick Links

April 24          

Guest Speaker Event:

Walk a Mile in Our Awareness


Maureen Murphy and Daphne Powell

Introducing Professor Daphne Powell

CSM Technical Studies Professor Daphne Powell is marking her 20th year as college professor by taking on what she deems “the most extraordinary of her career accomplishments” to date. As the first recipient of the ‘Dr. Maureen Murphy Distinguished Professorship for Equity in Education,’ Powell is embarking on a three-year journey to engage, mobilize and challenge CSM faculty, staff and students – as well as CSM’s regional communities – to examine, and improve, equity in education.

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Professor Powell's Three-Year Plan

Year One: Awareness Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging [DEIB] aims to get the conversation started by creating a shared vocabulary and concepts through awareness, which will help improve faculty comprehension.

“We can’t change anything until we are aware of our current state. The most important element in this phase will be respect."

Year Two: Implementation Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging [DEIB] aims to provide thought-provoking sessions to start to build a culture of belonging. Course development and design will be of value.

“We must implement actionable steps that shift culture. These steps would include new course development and a guest speaker series open to faculty, staff, students and the community.”

Year Three: Assessment Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging [DEIB] aims to establish benchmarks, as well as pre and post initiative surveys to provide real data to develop future planning.

“As the first person to have the honor to build the foundation for this work, I want to make sure our work is just that – a foundation.  We will look back and asked ourselves; ‘What worked, what didn’t work, what else is there to do?’ What society events have occurred that we need to understand and include as part of our work? How are we setting up the next professor who takes on this work, for success?”  

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