Administrative Manual


The Administrative Manual includes policies and procedures, including personnel policies and procedures that affect day-to-day operations of the college. No part of the Administrative Manual constitutes an express or implied contract nor may any part of the Administrative Manual be construed as terms or conditions of a contract with the college. Although many policies and procedures contain mandatory phrases or terms, such as "shall" or "will" or "must," the use of those or similar terms or phrases does not indicate any intent that the policies or procedures constitute an express or implied contract or a contractual term or condition.

While the statements contained in this Administrative Manual include general policies and procedures, it is impossible for policies and procedures to address every specific circumstance. It is not intended to be comprehensive or to address all of the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the general policies and procedures described. The college reserves the right to modify, discontinue or add policies and procedures as it deems appropriate at any time and without notice.

Questions about a specific policy should be directed to the office indicated on that policy. Persons may not rely upon any statement of any college official, department head or supervisor that is not consistent with the college's published policies and procedures.

About the Manual

This manual reflects policies and procedures of wide applicability within the College of Southern Maryland. It is expected that all employees will become familiar with the contents of the manual and will comply with the policies and procedures. The manual will be updated as the organization changes, as new policies and procedures are developed and as existing policies and procedures are revised or eliminated.

Within each broad category (e.g., External Relations, General Administration), policies are listed alphabetically by name. Some policies - those substantively revised prior to January 2000 - are listed as "off line." These policies are being reviewed and are available as hard copies in the Administrative Manual. The official copy of those policies is in the President's Office.

All other policies are renumbered with a two letter code to indicate its category (e.g., "PP" for Physical Plant and Safety) and a four digit number. The on-line manual will continue to also list the former policy numbers in parentheses after the policy name until an undetermined date in the future. The date following a policy is the date of the most recent revision.

**All policies are Microsoft Word Documents and require Microsoft Word to open. If you do not have Microsoft Word, please download a viewer from Microsoft to view the policies.

External Relations (ER) (1000 series)

 Petition Handbill, and Literature Distribution (GEN 1002) (off-line) 

Fiscal Management (FM) (2000 series)

General Administration (GA) (3000 Series)

GA 3005College Committees (ADM 204)5/13
 Convenience Copiers (GEN 1015) (off-line) 
 Copyright Policy (LIB 1301) (off-line) 
GA 3007Domain Name Registration10/07
GA 3008Facility Usage4/18
GA 3009Electronic Communication9/09
GA 3011Free Speech and Expression Policy - NEW10/17
 Guidelines for Alcohol Related Advertising and Promotions (PRE 1402) (off-line) 
GA 3015Information Systems Management (ISM 701)7/02
 Institutional Research and Assessment (PRG 1201) (off-line) 
GA 3018Institutional Review Board & Human Subject Research9/08
GA 3020International Travel (GEN 1017)7/02
GA 3023Mass Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Distribution7/05
GA 3025Ownership of Intellectual Property (PRE 1406)1/02
GA 3028Ombudsman Program10/11
GA 3030Policy Development (PRE 1403)3/05
 Posted Material (GEN 1004) (off-line) 
 Print Shop (Centralized Duplicating Services) GEN 1014 (off-line) 
GA 3035Records Management (PRE 1407)8/03
GA 3040Scheduling and Use of College Vehicles (GEN 1012)8/08
GA 3042Standards for Ceremonies (COL 502)10/04
GA 3050Usage of Technology Resources (PRE 1405)10/06
GA 3060ADA Grievance Procedures4/16
GA 3070Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation3/15

Human Resources (HR) (4000 Series)

HR 4005Access for Employees with Disabilities (HRD 1136)4/16
HR 4010aAdministrative Grievance Procedure (HRD 1119)4/08
HR 4020Compensation and Time Sheet Recording (HRD 1103)9/06
HR 4025Conflict of Interest, Proprietary Information and Political Activity (HRD 1128)4/07
HR 4030Deductions from Exempt Employees' Pay (HRD 1144)8/04
HR 4035Discipline (HRD 1127)2/03
HR 4038Dotted Line Reporting2/10
HR 4040Drug-Free Workplace (HRD 1105)12/06
HR 4045Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing Program (HRD 1117)4/03
HR 4053Employee Tuition Benefit (HRD 1107)2/07
HR 4060Employment of Relatives (HRD 1106)1/14
HR 4061Employment Background Checks7/07
HR 4065Flexible Work Schedules (HRD 1126)2/11
HR 4070Health Plan and Other Employee Insurance Programs (HRD 1139) - NEW6/18
HR 4075HIPAA Privacy (HRD 1143)4/04
HR 4080Hiring Policy and Procedures (HRD 1110)2/03
HR 4085Involuntary Separations (HRD 1115)4/07
HR 4095Internship/Job Shadowing Professional Development Program8/12
HR 4100Leave (HRD 1138)5/17
HR 4110Mentoring Program (HRD 1142)1/04
 On-Call Positions (HRD 1102) (off-line) 
HR 4120Performance Appraisal (HRD 1114)11/18
HR 4122Political Activity12/06
HR 4125Probationary Period (HRD 1129)8/06
HR 4130Protection from Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (HRD 1113)12/06
HR 4133Reduction in Force Procedures (HRD 1131)5/07
HR 4135Retirement (HRD 1140)4/07
HR 4140Salary Administration (HRD 1104)3/07
HR 4145Student and Temporary Employees (HRD 1130)11/06
HR 4150Supervisory Development Program (HRD 1134)5/03
HR 4155Telecommuting Policy (HRD 1124)9/10
HR 4160Tuition Reimbursement (HRD 1137)10/05
HR 4170Unauthorized Persons in the Workplace and Class Sites (HRD 1120)10/06
HR 4190Whistleblower Protection12/07
HR 4195Workplace Violence Prevention Policy7/13
HR 4200Maryland Paid Sick and Safe Leave8/18

Instruction and Instructional Support (IS) (5000 Series)

Physical Plant and Safety (PP) (6000 Series)

PP 6010Animals7/06
PP 6020Campus Access During Scheduled and Unscheduled Closing (FCL 805)8/03
PP 6023Cell Phone Use (FCL 807)9/04
PP 6027Contagious Diseases (HTH 1626)12/6
PP 6028Contracted Security for College and Special Events7/06
PP 6029Convicted Felons & Registered Sex Offenders11/07
PP 6030Critical Incident Management (PRE 1404)5/07
PP 6031Driver Authorization (HRD 1118)8/08
PP 6033Electronic Security Systems7/06
PP 6035Passenger Vans (FCL 806)6/06
PP 6040Hazard Communication (COL 506 & HTH 1614)6/06
 Medication Distribution (HTH 1613) (off-line) 
PP 6045Heroin and Opioid Addiction and Prevention Policy6/17
PP 6050Smoking Policy (HRD 1116)2/15
 Utility Failure/Dismissal /Relocation Guidelines (HRD 1111) (off-line) 
PP 6060Surveillance Camera Use8/11
PP 6080Weapons4/08